WDJ Unisupplying Co.,Ltd
Platform of purchase,marketing ,logistics and distribution .

W DJ Unisupplying Co.,Ltd isHeld by Jiajiayue Group co.,ltd , joint invested by Qingdao Unifood Industrial Group Co.,Ltd , delicated to be the platform of purchase,marketing ,logistics and distribution .
Seeking high quality products all over the world to serve China market.


  • Jiajiayue Group Co.,Ltd listed on Shanghai stock exchange market on Dec 13th ,2016 ,collect ing 1.1452 billion RMB;
  • With multi format layout ,Jiajiayue group has more than 607 stores and 4 million members till end of 2016 ;
  • Building morden logistics system that can distribute to all our stores throughout Shandong province within 2.5 hours to guarantee the high delivery efficient.


  • Qingdao unifood food co.,ltd , have engaged in meat trade for more than 20 years ,
  • experienced in products R&D,quality control ,price judgement and risk aversion;
  • build a stable strategy partnership with foreign meat supplier and domestic distributor.

Partners Network:

  • Partner networks (NL) has offices in Europe ,America and Latin America ;
  • purchase Meat ,Seafood ,Fruit etc directly from origin;
  • supply China market with high quality product and services