About us

WDJ Unisupplying is your source of distribution, logistics & marketing solutions. By having an extensive knowledge of international markets, WDJ is able to pursue the world`s finest quality products in order to link worldwide suppliers to an extensive network of customers. With our overseas partners and our own established chain stores, we will promote your product and brand to a wide market extent. WDJ Unisupplying is founded by

Unifood Industrial Group
Partners Network. 

Key Markets

The solution for connecting
consumer and producer.

Procurement &
Distribution Channels

“A committed partner to enter the Chinese market”

WDJ Unisupplying is an international platform dedicated to the importation, marketing and distribution of the world’s top-quality food products aimed at the Chinese market. Through our closely related retail-stores, WDJ is able to link its network of global and local suppliers of foodstuff products to the latest demands and wishes of the consumer. Additionally, WDJ shares its extensive knowledge about wholesale, retail and e-commerce channels to help our suppliers adding value to their international distribution channels.

Logistics & Forwarding

“Broad solution for your supply chain”

WDJ offers a wide variety of solutions for your supply chain needs, by delivering assistance in the complex world of international logistics. Each load or container is a project and we handle it with care. Our team will help you loading and unloading goods at any time and at any place. WDJ takes care of your choice of transport, customs clearance, logistic services and provides the best solutions adapted to your budget, delivery time or safety needs.

Marketing Solutions

“No sales without marketing, no marketing without sales”

WDJ is the specialist for promoting brands and products in the Chinese retail channels. Either in stores, supermarkets or wholesale markets, the supply of your products with the right marketing strategy is considered to be our core responsibility. WDJ understands the complexity to demonstrate trustworthiness and reliability when it comes to presenting your company and products. Therefore, we ensure the right marketing and promotion strategy that will lead to an excellent brand awareness among our consumers.