Supplying the freshest and most tasteful fruits directly from the orchard to our retail shelves is our daily challenge, and we do it with care. Regardless if it`s about our banana`s from Ecuador or citruses from Egypt, we will do our uttermost best to comply with the most recent consumer’s trends.


Due to our partner`s extensive network of worldwide poultry, beef, lamb and pork suppliers, we are able to supply our wholesale and retail channels with fresh and premium products from all kind of origins. On a daily bases, our pork products from the Netherlands, beef cuts from Latin America, and chicken mid-wings from Argentina find their way into the shelves and satisfy the demands of our loyal customer base.


Whether we import Vannamei shrimps from Ecuador or fresh lobster from Canada, the quality of the product remains our top priority. Selecting the right transportation method, either by air or sea, is essential in ensuring that the product will end in the retail shelves in the right condition.


The rising demand for exotic and original snacks from world`s most famous origins of making such snacks continues to grow. We import our carefully selected nuts, dried fruits, and cereals from various origins according to the newest market trends and data retrieved from our partner’s extensive customer base of 6.1 million members.


Distributing premium beverage products into the Chinese wholesale and retail market is one of our core activities. WDJ`s mineral waters from New Zealand, Greece and Italy are finding their way to Chinese end-users on a daily bases. WDJ is continuously expanding its beverage portfolio with milk products, beers, and non-alcoholic spirits.