Retail Chains

JIAJIAYUE Group is a multi-format retail enterprise which incorporates a totally integrated distribution network. Being a SPAR member, Jiajiayue offers a wide variety of internationally imported quality products being sourced from all over the world. By doing so, Chinese consumers get familiar with the world’s finest quality food products, for which demand is rising year after year. In December 2016, Jiajiayue Group became a listed company at the Shanghai stock exchange. Since that moment, the retailer is rapidly expanding its presence all over China.

Jiajiayue is a Shandong leading multi-format retailer

Last year, Jiajiayue expanded with 72 new stores in order to fulfill its expansion ambitions. During the years, a mature membership system has been created which has more than 6.1 million loyal members as of today. The membership system provides a vast amount of data containing consumer behavior in rural and urban areas. For years, Jiajiayue clearly noticed an increase in demand for imported quality products, and therefore markets imported quality products under the slogan “Buy Global Products & Taste The World”.

Jiajiayue Group is listed on the Shanghai stock exchange market

Jiajiayue Group reached an annual total revenue of 20 billion RMB in 2016, which contained a net profit of 251 million RMB. Since December 13th 2016, Jiajiayue went public and collected 1.1452 billion RMB on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. At the moment, Jiajiayue is Shandong`s market leader in modern retail with a market share of 15% and is pursuing its goal of becoming the number one retailer in China.

Supported by an efficient logistical platform

The group created a modern distribution network, which is able to transport and deliver goods throughout Shandong province in less than 2.5 hours. With help of modern navigation rooms, distribution centers and real-time positioning of the trucks, high quality and in-time delivery is ensured.

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Worldwide Purchase
& Distribution

Unifood Industrial Group has been engaged in the meat trade for more than 20 years. In 2016, Unifood Industrial Group became the biggest independent meat importer of China.
With experience in product R&D, quality control, price judgment and risk aversion, the company forms a strategic partnership with many meat suppliers worldwide.

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Partners Network is a global distributor which imports and exports food products worldwide. With an international team, which contains many different cultures and nationalities, the company is able to work with local and global suppliers and customers. While having offices in Latin America, Europe, Russia, and Asia, Partners Network can distribute its meat, seafood and fruit products directly from slaughterhouses, fishing vessels and orchards to the importing country.

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